Proposed new subtags, when the time comes

Doug Ewell dewell at
Fri Dec 9 15:22:11 CET 2005

I've put up a page at 
that shows six new and changed subtags for RFC 3066bis that I'm sort of 
"pre-proposing" in advance of the publication by IANA of the RFC 3066bis 
Language Subtag Registry.

These reflect the five new code elements added by ISO 639 RA-JAC, 
together with one code element (fy) whose name was changed.  For the 
latter, a change in the Description field is proposed for the registry.

Section 3.3 of RFC 3066bis states that it is the Language Subtag 
Reviewer's job to review new code elements introduced by the various 
maintenance agencies and propose appropriate changes to the registry.  I 
presume this applies to changed code elements as well.  So this Web page 
is intended to serve at least two purposes:

1.  to test my understanding of how the process is intended to work;

2.  to serve as an additional set of eyes and ears for the Reviewer, in 
identifying new code elements that he needs to propose for the registry.

It is not intended as a replacement for the ISO 639 Change Notice page, 
because strictly speaking it is not a list of new ISO 639 code elements, 
but rather a list of proposed language subtags based on them.  (Thanks 
to Håvard and the ISO 639 RA-JAC staff for updating the official page.)

Even though RFC 3066bis and the initial-registry document have been 
approved by IESG, it is my belief that we cannot actually make any 
changes to the Language Subtag Registry until the RFC is formally 
published and the registry is made publicly available at an 
IANA-controlled location.  The initial-registry document is not a 
replacement for the registry itself.

Constructive comments are appreciated.

Doug Ewell
Fullerton, California, USA

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