I approve the registration of zh-Han?-CN (PRC China Chinese in * script)

Mark Crispin MRC at CAC.Washington.EDU
Wed Apr 13 18:34:56 CEST 2005

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005, Michael Everson wrote:
>>    PRC Mainland Chinese in simplified script
> I'm good with that if consensus accepts it.

That seems fine to me too, although I don't fully understand why "PRC" is 
needed at all.  "PRC" is a political name, and I noticed that "ROC" isn't 
used (we don't see "ROC Taiwan", "ROC Matsu", etc.).

In the unlikely event that the outcome of forthcoming mainland/Taiwan war 
is that China is reunited under the government currently seated in Taipei, 
we'll have to change all those names that use "PRC"... ;-)

But this is just an observation.  Don't let me interfere with an emerging 

-- Mark --

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