I approve the registration of zh-Han?-CN (PRC China Chinese in * script)

Misha Wolf Misha.Wolf at reuters.com
Wed Apr 13 13:32:44 CEST 2005

>>> Looking back at Mark's original registration forms, apparently he
>>> never included an English name.  I wish we could do something about
>>> the redundant "PRC China" in these registrations.
>> Believe me, I tried. I considered "Mainland" and "Mandarin". At the
>> end I gave up.
> Just "PRC" would have been sufficient.  What it says now is "People's
> Republic of China China Chinese in {simplified, traditional} script."

I think that Michael's point is that HK and Macao are part of 
the PRC, so this might be confusing.  We have:

   PRC China Chinese in simplified script
   Hong Kong Chinese in simplified script
   Macao Chinese in simplified script
   Taiwan Chinese in simplified script
   Singapore Chinese in simplified script

It would be good to come up with an alternative to the first 
of these, eg:

   PRC Mainland Chinese in simplified script


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