Alemannic/Schwyzerdütsch, ISO 639-2 three-letter language code

Georg Schweizer gschweizer at
Tue Sep 28 07:41:25 CEST 2004

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Caoimhín wrote:
> "sch" isn't used in ISO 639-2 nor in the 14th edition of the
> Ethnologue (, but in Peter Constable's Draft 5
> of ISO 639-3 it is used for "Sakechep", a language of India by
> the looks of things which gets only 3 hits with Google.

Thanks a lot for cross-checking! This does not mean, that "sch"
is already assigned. However, if "sch" is not available I’d
suggest to introduce "scd" for Alemannic/Schwyzerdütsch.

> It might be worth trying to find out whether the 15th edition
> of the Ethnologue [...]
> divides up the Alemannic languages differently from
> the 14th edition.

I’ve never seen SIL’s peculiar language family tree for
"Alemannisch"/"Alemannic"/"Allemannic" anywhere before.
That’s the same name in German, English and with a typo.

The traditional division into the variants Low, High and
Highest Alemannic is commonly accepted.
The Ethnologue also refers to them:
     "Swiss varieties are High Alemannisch (most) and
     Highest Alemannisch (several in central Switzerland). [...]
     Varieties in Germany include Low and High Alemannisch."


Sound samples of Schwyzerdütsch:
Swiss regional TV news:

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