Caoimhin O Donnaile caoimhin at
Tue Sep 28 00:44:03 CEST 2004

> My suggestion of a ISO 639-2 code for the Alemannic language: "sch" 
> (Schwyzerdütsch)
> - "ale" is already taken
> - "sch" is unlikely to be used for any other language
> - "sch" is understood by the Swiss who use the term "Schwizerdütsch", 
> while
> - "gsw" is not understood and
> - "gsw" is the SIL code for a very specific Alemannic variant (see 
> above).

"sch" isn't used in ISO 639-2 nor in the 14th edition of the
Ethnologue (, but in Peter Constable's Draft 5
of ISO 639-3 it is used for "Sakechep", a language of India by
the looks of things which gets only 3 hits with Google.

It might be worth trying to find out whether the 15th edition
of the Ethnologue (in press?) has Sakechep, and also whether
it divides up the Alemannic languages differently from
the 14th edition.


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