Georg Schweizer gschweizer at
Mon Sep 27 23:27:10 CEST 2004

Michael Everson:
> I would like the proposer to contact the 639 folks and request the 
> three-letter codes "gsw" for Schwyzerdütsch and "wae" for Walser be 
> added to ISO 639-2.

I suggest rather to register one 3-letter code for ALL variants of the 
Alemannic language!
The SIL codes are problematic, because they are too specific. On the 
other hand they included Alsatian in "GSW", which is treated separately 
by most linguists (as I mentioned elsewhere).

Addison Phillips:
> ... to petition ISO 639 to create a code that is specific enough ...

I can agree with Addison’s wording.

My suggestion of a ISO 639-2 code for the Alemannic language: "sch" 
- "ale" is already taken
- "sch" is unlikely to be used for any other language
- "sch" is understood by the Swiss who use the term "Schwizerdütsch", 
- "gsw" is not understood and
- "gsw" is the SIL code for a very specific Alemannic variant (see 

Please comment on that :-)

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