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No reason to be pessimistic about the post-3066 world. After all, both Mark and I are back from vacation now (on the same day, even). I haven't seen any objection to moving forward with draft-06 (provided I fix the few errata that I promised Peter I would fix on this list and missed).

I agree that using the IANA registry (under any regime) to correct errors and omissions in ISO 639 is a bad idea. It is far better, IMO, to petition ISO 639 to create a code that is specific enough than to create registrations that later become deprecated (much of the IANA registry consists of such junk today). The 3066bis draft, in fact, is much more explicit about this on purpose. 


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> > Rather than using "gem-CH", which could be interpreted in various
> > ways, why not use the three-letter codes "gsw" for Schwyzerdütsch
> > and "wae" for Walser as in the proposed/forthcoming ISO 639-3
> > (and indeed the current edition of the Ethnologue)?
> Because, alas, we are not yet (and may never be) in the post-3066 regime.
> I wish it were otherwise, but at present we can't register 3-letter
> tokens that might collide with future ISO 639-2 assignments.  If and
> when 639-3 makes it out the ISO door, we can do that, but not until.
> We could use gem-gsw, though.
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