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Mark and I have just submitted draft-06 of 'draft-phillips-langtags' to the IETF. It should be published soon. Because both Mark and I will be travelling, I thought I would announce the new draft in advance on the list.

The new draft makes mostly minor formatting alterations, with one substantive modification:

1. The ABNF for variant subtags was modified to make four-digit year subtags (such as '1996' and '1901') legal. This change was implemented so that variant subtags that start with a digit can be four characters in length, so '7abc' would be a valid subtag to register. The changes does NOT assign specific meaning to all-numeric subtags (that is, '1901' doesn't have to be a date, it just happens to be).

2. The quoting in the document was regularized (subtags are single-quoted as with 'Latn', while tags are double-quoted as with "en-US")

3. The format of the ABNF was modified so that it is < 80 characters in width and other minor changes by the IESG could be accomodated.

The HTML version can be found on my website here:

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