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Or (since the nice expression 'plain English' is now so widespread among
translators, teachers and public servants), perhaps it might be
acceptable to designate the 26 as the set of 'Plain English/American

Scríobh Doug Ewell:
> ...
> "The alpha-2 code uses combinations, in upper case, of two letters of
> the 26-character Latin script (ignoring diacritic signs) from the range
> AA to ZZ."
> I suppose the numerous qualifications in this sentence are sufficient to
> identify the particular set of 676 code elements.  In technical usage,
> the range from "A to Z" is not usually expected to include Ã* or Ã*.
> Some other parts of the draft, such as Section 6.2, will require similar
> editing to change "Roman alphabet" to "Latin script."
> -Doug Ewell


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