revision of ISO 3166

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Mon Sep 6 07:32:54 CEST 2004

Peter Constable a écrit :

>FYI, there is work underway to revise ISO 3166-1. It is currently at the
>committee stage (CD) and is being balloted, with a deadline for comments
>of 2004-9-17. There is a copy of the draft available at
>Peter Constable
>Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies
>Microsoft Windows Division
Two quick remarks :

1) Official languages of Eritrea :

        ERITREA Eritrea ER ERI 232 * en; ar; ti eng; ara; tir Eritrea; 
Iritriya; Ertra

       Is English really an official language of Eritrea ? Not according 
to the CIA book of facts or

2)  I do not know if the country short names (in capitals) are somehow 
more official that the short names but I fear this may appear as such 
and we might see these names used in software over the more common short 
names, since I believe the CLDR initiave, for instance, uses these 
shorts names in their database. It leads to CLDR limiting itself to 
UN-politically-correct names such as TIMOR-LESTE not used in French 
(except the UN and then again) unknown to any dictionary when I looked 
at the beginning of this year (Larousse, Robert or Hachette 2004).

P. .A

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