revision of ISO 3166

John M. Fiscella profirst at
Sun Sep 5 21:39:15 CEST 2004

Message text written by "Doug Ewell"
>What ISO 10646 calls the "Latin script" comprises more than a thousand
letters.  Perhaps the 26-letter thing that is being referred to here
should be called "the modern English alphabet."  That's what it is,

"Roman script" is a better name than "Latin script", because "Latin" also
refers to a [dead] language, with its own alphabet subset. There is no
"Roman" language, so there would be less confusion with "Roman script". But
I believe that the term "Roman alphabet" as refered to, from time to time,
the 26 base letters of the "Latin script". One needs to be less sloppy in
honing the definitions of "alphabet" vs. "script".

John F.

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