New draft submitted of 3066bis...

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Fri Nov 5 12:13:18 CET 2004

--On 2. november 2004 16:37 +0100 Chris Lilley <chris at> wrote:

> JC> There aren't and can't be any non-ASCII characters in RFC 3066
> language tags.
> Right, that is my analysis also. However, it has been stated that
> RFC3066 is advisory, and you can put any string you like as a value of
> xml:lang. I think that is wrong too, and the XML spec clearly says
> either an RFC3066(or successor) value, or "".

<flame>That's stupid.</flame>

While no RFC by the IETF has any legal power to force anyone to do 
anything, or refrain from anything, people who put non-ASCII characters 
into xml:lang attributes deserve the blame for ALL results of doing so.


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