New draft submitted of 3066bis...

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Tue Nov 2 19:16:14 CET 2004

On Tuesday, November 2, 2004, 6:15:45 PM, Ira wrote:

MI> Hi,

MI> I thoroughly agree with John Cowan below.

MI> In both RFC 1766 and the successor RFC 3066,
MI> the ABNF limits the values to using ALPHA
MI> or DIGIT (per RFC 2234).

MI> 'xml:lang' may or may not be broken in W3C
MI> specs.  Not our problem.

MI> But RFC 3066 is a BCP (Best Current Practice),
MI> which is a normative statement of IETF policy.
MI> There's no question of 'advisory', as Chris
MI> Lilley reports hearsay of below.

Sorry I was unclear. This was related to xml:lang not RFC3066. Although,
since xml:lang is defined to take either an RFC3066 value or "" there
seems slim scope for ambiguity there.

MI> And there's no possibility (or utility) for
MI> ever extending the allowed characters in
MI> RFC 3066 or successor language tags.

MI> Case folding for ASCII _in_this_domain_
MI> is strictly locale independent.

That was what I had always assumed and, once that assumption was
challenged, wanted to make crystal clear.

MI> Cheers,
MI> - Ira

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MI> Chris Lilley scripsit:

>> Right, that is my analysis also. However, it has been stated that
>> RFC3066 is advisory, and you can put any string you like as a value of
>> xml:lang. I think that is wrong too, and the XML spec clearly says
>> either an RFC3066(or successor) value, or "".

MI> Ah, I understand now.  The plain language of the spec is to be ignored.
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