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Mike Ksar scripsit:

> I am in favor of adding regional codes but who assigns these.
> Apparently, ISO 3166 MA can assign country codes based on requests from
> countries or governments and thus there is no mechanism in to add region
> codes in ISO 3166.  That would be a problem.

*Which* code is assigned depends on the whims of the 3166 MA, but *whether*
a code is assigned is determined by the U.N. Statistics Division, which assigns
the 3-digit codes.  The MA assigns a 2-letter and 3-letter code if and only if
UNSD has assigned a 3-digit code already.

UNSD also assigns the 3-digit region codes, which do not overlap with the
3-digit country codes.  These are the "M49" codes which Addison is talking about.

In short: it's covered.

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