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There is an internet-draft related to this: see

There are some problems with using a '/', not the least of which is
incompatibility with existing implementations (because it includes
additional currently illegal characters in the tag).

When/if the aforementioned draft advances, the specific solution you suggest
will be possible with private extensions or (if you can convince the
community at large) via variant registration. In addition, it may be
possible to use the UN M49 code (although some comments Mark and I have
received may result in prohibiting this).

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> Would it be feasible to establish some sort of framework by which
> "generic" usage of a language can be specified with better granularity
> than the language?
> Perhaps we can add an *optional* field to a language tag which
> narrows the
> scope of the language but not to the granularity that the current subtags
> do now.  As a strawman, consider "/" followed by this field.
> For example,
>  	es/americas
> would mean "generic Latin American Spanish".
> The rules for / names would, in this strawman, be less strict than for -
> names; and would tend to follow industrial/practical requirements rather
> than strict linguistic purity.
> This should make both camps happy.
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