Referencing an alias resource file in 3066:bis

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Wed Mar 24 22:29:37 CET 2004

--On 17. mars 2004 14:57 -0800 Mike Ksar <mikeksar at> wrote:

> There are situations in legacy systems, where backward compatibility is
> important, where it would be useful to have the option of specifying in
> the syntax either the 3-digit UN code or the ISO 3166 alpha country code.
> Having such an option for legacy systems does not burden the standard but
> it gives implementers a way to be backward compatible.

permit me to state a contrary opinion:

allowing two different ways of specifying the same thing burdens the 
recipient systems, and provides no great advantage to the sending system.

At times it's unavoidable (such as when dealing with obsoleted tags), but 
in my opinion, we should strive to avoid it as much as possible.

There are more recipients than senders. Normalization at sender rules.


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