new draft

Mark Davis mark.davis at
Tue Jun 29 21:12:47 CEST 2004

We submitted a new draft, to try to address the issues that have come up.
While it hasn't shown up as a draft yet, you can find in the (much more
readable anyway!) HTML format on We spent a
while trying to make the document clearer, and address the concerns that we
heard. In particular, we provide for way for programs to really validate IDs
by providing a complete list of all valid subtags.

The most substantive issue I'd like to get feedback on is that we still
allow in this draft subtags of up to 15 long (for readability), whereas RFC
3066 has a maximum of 8. The question is whether that would cause enough of
a problem for older parsers that we should pull back to a maximum of 8.

There is a change log in BTW,
I noticed one omission -- we forgot to change the change log in accordance
with our dropping subtags of 31 in length.


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