New Web page on supplementary RFC 3066bis codes

Mark Davis mark.davis at
Tue Jun 22 22:34:26 CEST 2004

Nice work!

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Subject: New Web page on supplementary RFC 3066bis codes

> I've just put up a new Web page:
>     "Supplementary codes for RFC 3066bis"
> which discusses the use of "deprecated" ISO 639 codes, "formerly used"
> ISO 3166 codes, and United Nations M.49 numeric geographical codes in
> RFC 3066bis.
> RFC 3066bis provides a great deal of flexibility, and along with it,
> some potential for confusion.  This page describes the two different
> sets of region codes, explains the rules on deprecated ISO codes, and
> shows why the freely available, official code lists aren't enough by
> themselves to answer all questions.
> I hope this page will solidify the issues in my own head, explain them
> for anyone who is still puzzled, and eventually turn into a useful
> reference for language tag users once the new RFC is approved.
> I'd like as many list members as possible to review this page and offer
> any suggestions and corrections they may have.  Please praise publicly
> and flame privately.  :-)
> Thanks,
> -Doug Ewell
>  Fullerton, California
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