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Sun Jun 13 01:33:42 CEST 2004

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> 3.  Section 2.2 says, in relation to the extended language subtags:
> "In a future revision or update of this document, 'zh-min-nan' might
> represent the subdialect 'nan' of the Chinese dialect 'min'."
> "zh-min-nan" is already registered.  I would think this would be
> grandfathered as an RFC 3066 legacy tag, and would therefore be a
> confusing example of an extended language subtag.

It is true that it is already registered and would be grandfathered.
What would change in the future would be that it would no longer have
the status of a grandfathered tag registered under RFC 3066; it would
instead conform to the language-tag production of the new RFC.

Peter Constable

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