The Linguasphere proposal LS 639

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Wed Jun 9 12:09:23 CEST 2004

John Cowan Subscript

>Okay, this is better than before.  But is this database maintained in an
>open and transparent process, and is it freely redistributable?  Also,
>there is a substantially different application complexity involved in
>the RFC 3066 rule "If you don't understand a tag, truncate subtags from
>the right until you do or there is nothing left" compared with this
>relational-database lookup.

Our hope is that LS 639 will also form an ISO standard (ISO 639-6) and if
this is achieved the data will be made available as freely as any other
standard. The Observatoire Linguistique is responsible for open scientific
debate and development of LS 639, operating from within Linguasphere ICT

With regard to the RFC3066 "rule"... that is why we are here... we continue
to develop this standard to fit with as many other standards as possible and
would appreciate collaboration with the IETF in achieving this...


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