Linguasphere -- An appeal for clarity

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Fri Jun 4 19:14:12 CEST 2004

Misha Wolf scripsit:

> It is about language identification so it clearly overlaps our 
> domain of interest.  If it were a Good Thing but unsuited for 
> eg "Accept-Language" and "xml:lang" then it would be perfectly 
> fine for it to be adopted as an ISO standard and for some other 
> RFC (or other spec) to define how it is to be used, eg in XML, 
> for example via linguasphere:lang="abcd".

I can't agree with you there.  If Linguasphere becomes ISO 639-6 (as
Ethnologue is becoming ISO 639-3, not without changes), then there will
be to say the least pressures to accept 639-6 codes in some successor
to RFC 3066.  This is not about a whole separate ISO standard, it is about
a different part to the existing ISO standard that RFC 3066 is already
making use of.  Its overall suitability has to be discussed here.

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