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:-))  Sorry Michael... it is in process and formed part of my list of things
to do on my return from Lisbon... as you were in New York when I was in
Dublin in May... am again due in Dublin sometme in June and will endeavour
to deliver it personally (as also there has been a postal strike in Dublin).

As each zone becomes available (subject to our strict quality assurance
procedures) they will be posted on the Linguasphere web site for all to
comment on.  Currently there are two zones (out of 100) published on the
site, Mandic and Songhaic, albeit in a very raw state at the moment as the
site/database are still being developed.

With regard to "commercial product" ISO 639-6 will be available as freely as
any other standards are and is based on 50 years of research that culminated
in the publication of the Linguasphere Register in 2000.  It cannot be
realistically associated with commercial products (well not yet anyway but
we are working on ways of funding the continued research).

And... ISO 639-3 is based on SILs Ethnologue which is also available for
purchase in the same way as the Linguasphere Register.

Personally, I have been working on this project/product for nearly 3 years
and am as yet totally unpaid - indeed I have used considerable resources
from my own private (very small) business in supporting the creation of this
International Standard.  Ideas on how to fund the further development of
this standard will be gratefully received (although we have a few in mind as
you know).

Best wishes


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At 10:20 +0100 2004-06-01, Debbie Garside wrote:

>LS 639 (proposed as ISO 639-6 - Aug 2004) deals very well with
>language varieties - written and spoken (signed, audio and visual to
>be included).  Anyone interested in the development of this new
>standard may like to read the paper/workshop presented at LREC in
>Lisbon in order to see exactly what is being proposed.  Visit
><> - all comments and
>critisism most welcome at this stage of development.  Please feel
>free to sign up for the forum - although it has only just been

My opposition to ISO 639-6, being based on a commercial product that
I still have not seen (despite promises) remains unchanged.
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