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Dear Doug,
Jawi does not denote a separate language, but is the term applied to Malay 
(Bahasa Melayu) written in Perso-Arabic script.  The Linguasphere ICT system of 
langtags provides individual alpha4 tags for Bahasa Melayu (collectively) and 
for each of its spoken and written forms, including Bahasa Melayu written in 
Perso-Arabic script.  The system will be presented for general comment and 
scientific discussion on the website _www.langtag.com_ (http://www.langtag.com) , 
commencing in August 2004.  Each spoken, written and signed form of language 
in the world deserves an umabiguous code, clearly defined in relation to all 
adjacent langtags, and avoiding the problems of sub-tagging. 
Greetings from the Observatoire Linguistique in Wales (Linguasphere 
(David Dalby)
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