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Tue Jul 13 06:19:58 CEST 2004

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> > These are cases in which it cannot simply be assumed that the
> > semantics of the whole can be derived by merely registering the
> > semantics of the subtag.

> What about sgn-US?  This can be generated, not only under the new RFC
> 3066bis mechanism, but even under the old RFC 3066 language-country
> mechanism.  In either case, the generative meaning of sgn-US would
> logically be "Sign Languages as used in the United States."  That's
> you get when you concatenate the meaning of "sgn" and the meaning of
> "US".

But that is not the registered semantics for "sgn-US", and considering
that there are at least three distinct signed languages associated with
the US, there is no choice but to grandfather the registered tag
"sgn-US". We could deprecate it and register an atomic subtag for ASL
(which is what I argued for three years ago, obviously unsuccessfully),
but the registered semantics of "sgn-US" would still have to be

Peter Constable

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