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Michael Everson everson at
Mon Jul 12 22:26:41 CEST 2004

At 13:18 -0700 2004-07-12, Doug Ewell wrote:

>What we need here is a way to register -- not necessarily generate --
>tags for the sign languages, and signed spoken languages, that Michael
>wants to represent.

And we need to do it using the scheme developed in 2001.

>  > See for a complete
>>  specification which outlines the scheme.
>>  A simple fix to 3066bis, if it is going to proscribe this kind of
>>  thing, is to specifially allow the syntax as described in that
>>  document as permitted following, specifically, the 3-letter code
>>  "sgn".
>There are three related but different syntaxes exemplified in sgn.html:
>1.  sgn-<iso-3166-1>-<iso-639-1>
>2.  sgn-<iso-3166-1>-<iso-3166-2>
>3.  sgn-<iso-639-2>-<iso-3166-1>
>  > The requirement has to do with identifying "Place-name's Sign
>>  Language" and also "Signed Spoken-Language". This is complex, but if
>>  you let what was developed in 2001 continue to work for tags
>>  following "sgn" then there won't be any disruption and the system can
>>  work as it does today.
>The tags in Table A are all registered under RFC 3066, and would all
>become generative or would be grandfathered under RFC 3066bis.

I expect that the scheme developed in 2001 will be valid for sgn- 
tags. I hope that the framers of 3066bis will be reasonable about 
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