Alpha-4 language codes

Lee Gillam l.gillam at
Mon Jul 12 10:33:05 CEST 2004


Wherever a higher degree of precision is required. How about: "collections" 
of endangered languages? Example: spoken language recorded from the 
Middle Chulym, a 'tribe' with 426 members (only 35 fluent speakers).
WHEN would it be used? When people want to share such resources beyond
their own labs - Napster for Linguistic Anthropologists?

> Hi Lee
> You wrote: ...
> > The 4-letter tag would be used in tagging, that is its purpose.
> One thing I'd welcome an explanation on:
> When would it be used in tagging?
> In which situations would that be used rather than a code from
> ISO 639-1 or a code from ISO 639-2?
> John Clews

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