Disposition of Comments on RFC 3066bis - Private Use/Conformance

Mike Ksar mikeksar at microsoft.com
Mon Jul 12 03:47:44 CEST 2004

I reviewed the list of issues that were posted to draft 4 but I failed to see my feedback on excluding private use tags from the conformance clause.  I even included specific text on this when I sent my comments.  If the answer to this question is hidden, please highlight it.
This is an important issue and it should be addressed as part of your "disposition of comments".  What I suggested is similar to what has been done for private use area of 10646/Unicode.  All private use characters in 10646/Unicode are not part of the conformance clause.  Private Use should be based on an agreement between sender and receiver only.
I would be more than happy to re-forward that.
Can you please specify what is the timeline for continuing to develop RFC 3066bis, what are the next steps in this process at IETF and when is it expected to be published.
Mike Ksar


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I waded through the email, and put some responses on
http://www.macchiato.com/misc/3066bis.html. Please let me know if you have
any further feedback.


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