Sample IANA language subtag registry

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Mon Jul 12 03:10:32 CEST 2004

The reviewer's workload would not change much, I believe, once we had the
initial list set up -- and that is work that Addison and I anticipated doing
(although Doug is doing most of it). So all of the 'grandfathered tags' etc.
will be done without any need for you to worry much over it. In terms of
ongoing work, some will increase and some will decrease.

The increase is because any addition change to one of the 3 ISO standards
will need to be reflected to the tables. Based on past history, this will be
rather small per year, and they should be all mechanical. If one of the
proposed extensions to ISO 639 gets adopted, there may be an additional
blip, but that should also be mechanical. If you would like, I'd be glad to
help with this, or I'm sure one of the other people such as Peter could help

The number of other registrations should decrease, since many combinations
no longer need registration; only the subtags need to be registered. This
will allow you to focus on your strengths, in terms of the linguistic
distinctions required in tags.


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> At 16:18 -0700 2004-07-11, Mark Davis wrote:
> >This is great work, Doug. Addison and I were gearing up to do it, so it's
> >wonderful that you've taken this on.
> I'm glad Mark understands Doug's work, then. Maybe he would like to
> be the reviewer?
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