Sample IANA language subtag registry

Mark Davis mark.davis at
Mon Jul 12 01:18:31 CEST 2004

This is great work, Doug. Addison and I were gearing up to do it, so it's
wonderful that you've taken this on.


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> I've added the likely candidates for registered variant subtags and
> grandfathered whole-tags to my prototype language subtag registry.
> Cruise on over to:
> and skip to the phrase "registered variants".
> Even those who don't agree about putting all the ISO and UN codes in
> this registry should be interested in this part.
> I added a batch of comments at the end to indicate the "superseded"
> codes.  I still don't know if this is what Appendix C means by saying
> that certain tags should be "marked as 'superseded'."
> We can probably agree that all of the items marked "(not listed)" should
> in fact be listed.  The only one that really matters is sl-nedis, not
> listed at  I think we
> can agree that this tag exists, even though there is no registration
> form for it at (BTW,
> I goofed in my earlier message by saying it was sl-rozaj).  The other
> two, sgn-ZA and uz-Arab, are self-evident and automatically defined in
> RFC 3066bis.
> -Doug Ewell
>  Fullerton, California
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