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Peter Constable petercon at microsoft.com
Thu Jul 1 21:19:33 CEST 2004

> From: Tex Texin [mailto:tex at xencraft.com]



> If as you say, the documents' labels are to be truncated, and
different labels

> have specified different numbers of subtags, how much and exactly what

> truncated on each pass?


Whatever I said, it's easy to miscommunicate when talking about this
stuff. So, I'll restate my understanding: if a request is for "a-b",
then you look for documents that are tagged as "a-b" or "a-b-...". So,
you'd get matches as follows:


document    match

"a-b-c-d"   yes

"a-b-c"     yes

"a-b-e"     yes

"a-b"       yes

"a-f"       no

"a"         no



Applying that to your example, then you would get matches as follows:


Request       Document         Match 

zh-Hant-TW    zh-Hant-TW       yes

              zh-Hant-TW-foo   yes

              zh-Hans          no

              zh-TW            no

              zh-TW-foo        no

              zh               no


zh-TW         zh-Hant-TW       no

              zh-Hant-TW-foo   no

              zh-Hans          no

              zh-TW            yes

              zh-TW-foo        yes

              zh               no




Peter Constable


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