draft-phillips-langtags-04 /subtags of formerly registered tags

Tex Texin tex at xencraft.com
Thu Jul 1 05:11:32 CEST 2004

Please explain to me the value of registering all of the subtags of the
formerly registered tags by default.

Is there value in making boont or gaulish available to languages other than en
or cel?
I would have thought that if there was a need for more, they would have been
requested to be registered.

Also, will we be registering the subtags 1901, 1996 and OED?
If we want years as subtags, wouldn't it be better to have a specific subtag
position for them?

How many languages does OED support? ;-)

I would think we would be better off by leaving the majority of these subtags
as special cases and only adding to the list of generative subtags, when in
fact we have subtags that can usefully span a number of languages (as the
script subtags do).

There is something to be said for not making every value generative...

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