Language Registrations needed for i-unknown and i-mixed

Jon Hanna jon at
Wed Jan 21 13:43:16 CET 2004

Quoting John Cowan <cowan at>:

> Addison Phillips [wM] scripsit:
> > In other words, the UND tag really should not be used (since it adds no
> real
> > information anyway), as François suggests.
> However, if the _de facto_ default value is en, then und at least signals
> that en is not correct.

I just checked the 2.0 standard and the language element is optional with no
IIRC it moved from being mandatory to optional with 0.92 on the basis that the
language might be unknown, so it would appear that dropping the element would
be the correct approach, rather than using und.

Annoyingly the spec *still* only references RFC3066 indirectly.

Jon Hanna
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