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Michael Everson wrote:
> At 11:43 -0500 2004-02-25, Tex Texin wrote:
> >So Klingon is in Latin when written in Japan, Russia, etc.? And the
> >transcription is spelled the same way in all markets?
> Does it matter? Kurdish is written in three different scripts.

yes. I was thinking the Klingon author was (virtually) writing in Klingon
script and transcribing to any other.
However, Kurdish is being authored in each of these scripts rather than
I now understand that Klingon is being authored in Latin rather than Klingon

> >I was not saying it shouldn't have been registered. I do think it
> >would be good if there was some coordination among the various
> >standards bodies to ensure there these things were treated as a
> >conceptual whole, and not in pieces.
> That, ah, would be *us*, Tex. ;-)

Yes. But we are not coordinated and are somewhat schizophrenic at times.
Sometimes "we" decide things based on linguistic concerns. Sometimes on
software industry concerns. Sometimes bibliographic concerns. We are the
walrus. We are the egg-man. ook-ook-a-chook.
It's not bad to be diverse and to have to tradeoff goals for different
Sometimes its hard to figure which personality is in control.

Anyway, registering Klingon seems to make more sense than I thought at first.
The people that have asked me for Klingon support wanted native script. But
they were not looking to exchange text so much as draw control panels and make
> >It's not clear to me that having a tag doesn't increase the demand
> >for native script, or that the demand hasn't increased since the
> >decision was taken to not include the script.
> If there were a genuine demand for the native script, it would be a
> candidate for encoding in Unicode.
> >I also wonder if it should be registered as tlh-latn.
> That would be a variety of Klingon.
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