Language Identifier List Comments, updated

Andrew Cunningham andj_c at
Mon Dec 27 06:23:39 CET 2004

Some correction Tex,

In the entry of Sudan you list   ha (Hausa)  .. this isn't a Sudanese 
language, its from West Africa. You may also want to add din (Dinka) to 
the Sudanese entry.

ar-SD (Arabic)  also this tag could be considered to be ambiguous .. is 
it the national language of Sudan (Standard Modern Arabic) or is it the 
Sudanese Arabic dialect?

Also in the Niger entry you have  ff (Fula), this would be best written 
as ff-NE since fula/puel is spoken in a number of countries, and there 
is a variation between the orthographies used in each of those 
countries. Fulfulde (Fula/Puel) in Niger would be ff-NE and  ff-NG 
Nigeria while it would be ff-SN for Pulaar (Fula/Puel) in Senegal.



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