Language Identifier List Comments, updated

Tex Texin tex at
Mon Dec 27 02:58:13 CET 2004


I added them. I also added some of the IANA tags.

The page now uses CSS tags to color code language tags that come from ISO 639,
IANA registry, RFC 3066bis, or are deprecated.
(I am not adding further 3066bis tags for now.)

I would appreciate it if suggestions for further additions came in the form of:
    "add this language tag to these regions."

(Misha's suggestions were obvious. I am hoping to get more corrections and

My objective remains to address the problem (perhaps my problem) of whether a
tag should be one or two or more subtags
and the establishment of criteria for making the choice.

I hope there will be further discussion of that issue.


Misha Wolf wrote:
> Hi Tex,
> Thanks for doing this work.
> I keep plugging away at zh-Hans and zh-Hant.  I see that neither appears
> in the table (other than in combination with ISO 3166 codes).  Why?  It
> seems to me that zh-Hans and zh-Hant hit the 80/20 spot for tagging Web
> content.
> Regards,
> Misha

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