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Tue Dec 21 05:07:43 CET 2004

thanks George, those are helpful criteria.

I think the proposed format listing regions and the languages used in each
region, would only have tags with distinct conventions, such as you and others


Georg Schweizer wrote:
> Mark Davis wrote:
> > You keep expressing this in a counterproductive way. The language tag
> > 'de-AT' is reasonably defined: German as used in Austria.
> Political borders don’t always run along language variations.
> A language-region tag is generally understood as the current official
> standard of the language in the corresponding country.
> The tag "de-AT" clearly does not mean *any* German as used in Austria,
> it refers to Austrian Standard German.
> For example, in the context of a spell checking software you may expect
> the following:
> - current official Austrian orthography ("neue amtliche
> Rechtschreibung"),
> - as currently taught in Austrian schools,
> - as defined in the Austrian Dictionary ("Österreichisches Wörterbuch"),
> - common practice in Austrian newspapers,
> - etc.
> In my opinion the list should include only tags for which such distinct
> conventions exist (which is apparently not the case for de-LI).
> Georg

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