New Last Call: 'Tags for Identifying Languages' to BCP

Bruce Lilly blilly at
Sat Dec 18 02:21:07 CET 2004

>  Date: 2004-12-14 16:01
>  From: "Doug Ewell" <dewell at>
>  To: ietf-languages at

> The "grandfathered" production in the RFC 3066bis ABNF is intended only
> for the 24 entries (not 46, as I wrote earlier) that are carried over
> from the RFC 3066 registry and that don't otherwise conform to the RFC
> 3066bis syntax.  Take a look at the items marked "grandfathered" in the
> proposed registry:
> If you can write a reasonable "grandfathered" production in ABNF that
> will allow this set of tags and no others, such that the ABNF can be
> used without also referring to the prose, then I salute you.

If there really are only 24 items of less than 11 octets each,
a trivial solution is to simply list them (with the usual ABNF
syntax) as literal strings.  That should take no more than a
half-dozen lines. 

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