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Thanks Richard.

I posted the latest version of the page. I added the Sami languages.
I added a note on the zh-hanx-xx tags that they depend on 3066bis.
As Martin identified some of the German variations that were perhaps not
useful, I added a style to denote these and a legend indicating so. If I get
recommendations for others I will make the edits.

I added a third table at the end which is a list of all the ISO 639-1 codes
which do not appear in either table.
I would like recommendations for where to place these (first or second table)
with any relevant info for the languages.

Some codes (eg NO) are deprecated and others may just not be useful except by
researchers, and I would not be against indicating the codes for which we might
not choose to make any recommendation, because there is not a need for one.


Richard Ishida wrote:
> > [mailto:www-international-request at] On Behalf Of Martin Duerst
> > Sent: 17 December 2004 06:50
> > - I think there has been enough cross-posting. I suggest we all
> >    limit further posts to ietf-languages at
> >    Please direct followups only to that list.
> Hold on !  I'm not on the ietf-languages list, and I'd like to continue to
> follow this thread.  As long as it stays pertinant to the discussion of
> Tex's list.  I think that might apply to others on the www-international
> list too.
> RI

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