Language Identifier List up for comments

Tex Texin tex at
Fri Dec 17 09:29:07 CET 2004

Martin Duerst wrote:
> It should be kept in mind that xml:lang is just something declarative.
> I.e. you say what language you think it is, you don't say what processing
> you expect. If you have an en-us text, and you want it to be read with
> a NY accent, then the best way to do this is to e.g. declare a NY
> accent voice in the stylesheet or other mechanism that reads the
> document.

Just a detail: there isn't one NY accent. Manhattanite speech is different from
that of  citizens of Queens, which is different from Long Island, and parts of
L. I. are distinct from each other, and all of these are different from upstate

Da Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island used to be vastly different, I am not so
sure it is true today, since I have been away from it for several years.
"The" in da Bronx is pronounced as "da" and Brooklynites swapping oi and er, so
toilet is turlet and third is toid, and oil is erl...

And for NYC,  set the words/minute on high!

So we would need a voice tag like en-US-NY-Manhattan-maxwpm

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