status of ISO DIS 639-3

Peter Constable petercon at
Tue Dec 14 23:49:30 CET 2004

Yesterday, I wrote mentioning the DIS ballot for ISO 639-3. Someone
asked me offline whether the draft could be obtained somewhere publicly.
Unfortunately, ISO TC 37/SC 2 doesn't have a public document repository.
However, I did post a draft online on SIL's site: 

(Look for the link to the document at the bottom of the page to
ISO_DIS_639-3.5.) This copy contains the complete draft code tables (one
sorted by ID and one by name), but not the French translation.

(I mentioned this link back in August; that was prior to the TC 37/SC
2/WG 1 meeting, and some changes made to the draft after the meeting.)

Peter Constable

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