New Last Call: 'Tags for Identifying Languages' to BCP

Addison Phillips [wM] aphillips at
Tue Dec 14 19:28:46 CET 2004

Yes, quite so. 

I guess my point would be better stated as:

"There have been many people who have participated in the process of reviewing this document beyond the main discussion list (ietf-languages). It's not our fault that some people who have an interest in the topic were not aware of it."

That is: the IETF process folks should be (and are, I happen to know in this case) paying attention to this. I fail to see what relevence of the relative opacity of the development process: we are having a "last call" which is generating comments (if rather more heat than light). That is the point, isn't it? It wouldn't have served the broader IETF community any better, methinks, to have called them in to discuss early drafts that were rather more immature.


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> > The IETF process is not really my concern. I will note that 
> many IETF and
> > non-IETF standards folks have participated in the process of 
> developing and
> > reviewing draft-langtags, though. 
> Actually, we're all IETF people.  If you're on an IETF mailing 
> list discussing
> an IETF item of work like an RFC, you're part of the IETF.  The process
> is designed to serve us, not vice versa.
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