Charset name length(s)

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Hi -

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> On Sun December 12 2004 22:52, Randy Presuhn wrote:
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> > Hi -
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> > Could explain the connection Bruce sees between the limit on
> > the length on descriptors used in writing MIB modules and
> > the tags used for identifying character sets?  I thought I
> > understood MIB compiler issuess fairly well, but I seem
> > to be missing something here, as I just can't see how the
> > MIB compiler constraints are relevant.
> >
> > Randy
> Briefly, charsets are specified by printer MIBs (RFC 3805,
> formerly 1759).  Those charsets have names beginning with
> "cs". More information is at the top of the IANA charsets
> registry

I think the expression "putting the cart before the horse" applies.

Since there is already an aliasing mechanism in use in the
file you cite, it's a stretch to think that the character set name would
prevent the definition of a "cs*" alias that would fit within the
limits of what MIB compilers are permitted to support, or the
(shorter!) limit given in the IANA file.  A more fundamental
question would be why there would be any point to creating
a charset name to go with one of these imaginary long names.


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