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The current status is that we are awaiting a new Last Call. Our document's shepherd, Ted Hardie, has been on vacation and that's the current hold up.

Once the Last Call is issued, we expect to be able to demonstrate general consensus for this document. Of course we will continue to address specific comments from the community in the LC process. This should last the required time period of about six weeks, followed by the IESG's decision and any remaining details. Early next year looks like a reasonable target date to proceed to BCP status.

I have begun drafting a response to Tex's specific comments and had a telephone chat with him about them briefly yesterday to ensure that we close the loop on some of his issues. You'll see our response here on this list when we're complete with them, probably today or tomorrow. The big delay on that is that I'm rebuilding our issues list for the Last Call process and including Tex's comments there.

I believe that we are close to finishing this work. I'm excited to have it come to fruition (and exhausted by the effort at the same time).


Addison P. Phillips
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> I'm glad to see the draft getting reviewed, and think that Tex has made
> some valid comments.
> At the same time, I'd like to see this project brought to completion
> (I'm sure Addison and Mark feel the same) so that we can get on with
> preparing implementations. There will inevitably be additional
> refinements that can be identified for some time if we keep the process
> open-ended. But then we'll never be able to implement. 
> With that in mind, I'd like to ask if it would be possible to get some
> process set in place that can ensure that this round of revision gets
> closed and that a new BCP gets accepted within some set time frame?
> (I don't want to detract at all from your comments, Tex; it's just that
> this revision process formally started almost 13 months ago now --
> 2003-11-14 -- and it needs closure.)
> Peter Constable
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