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Thu Aug 19 12:32:46 CEST 2004

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> I don't see where the conflict is.  An RFC 3066bis tag cannot begin
> an extended language subtag; they can only be used after a primary
> language subtag.  So there would be no confusion if "min" meant one
> thing as a primary language subtag (derived from ISO 639-2) and
> something else as an extlang subtag (derived from ISO 639-3) or in a
> grandfathered tag.
> So if ISO 639-3 wanted to assign the ISO 639-3 code "min" to the Min
> language group in China, there would be no conflict with Minangkabau,

Impossible. It will be impossible for alpha-3 identifiers to mean
different things in different parts of ISO 639.

Peter Constable

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