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Peter Constable petercon at
Sat Aug 14 22:42:12 CEST 2004

I wrote:

> (There isn't a problem with "nan", though: I have assigned it in the
> table for ISO 639-3 to Min Nan.) 

There also isn't a problem in the following cases related to existing

gan = Gan Chinese
wuu = Wu Chinese
yue = Yue Chinese
hak = Hakka Chinese (used in i-hak)
ami = Amis (used in i-ami)
bnn = Bunun (used in i-bnn)
pwn = Paiwan (used in i-pwn)
tao = Tao (used in i-tao)
tay = Tayal (used in i-tay)
tsu = Tsou (used in i-tsu)

The draft code table for ISO 639-3 is now consistent with these alpha-3
subtags found in IANA registrations.

There *is* a potential problem with

bok for Bokmal Norwegian (ISO 639-2 = nob; bok is not assigned in ISO
nyn for Nynorsk Norwegian (ISO 639-2 = nno; nyn = Nyankole)

though the two registered tags that use these (no-bok, no-nyn) are

Another potential concern is

lux = Luxembourghish (used in i-lux, ISO 639-2 is ltz; lux is not
assigned in ISO 639-2)

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