New Draft-05 of langtags (aka RFC 3066bis)

Peter Constable petercon at
Wed Aug 11 07:36:16 CEST 2004

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> The newest draft (05) of draft-phillips-langtags, aka RFC 3066bis, was
> published today here:

This is, of course, good to see. I am very pleased to see the addition
to section 6 outlining the goals for RFC 3066bis, and the specific
changes made to effect those goals. I thinks this helps a lot to
evaluate the changes that have been made. In particular, it has helped
me to see that some relatively recent changes that had concerned me were
in line with the original goals which, while not documented in a known
location, I certainly have had no objection to.

After taking a quick look at the change history, I'm expecting I will
find myself pretty much satisfied with the substantive, technical
content of this draft. Of course, I'll need to review the whole thing to
be certain, but I'm feeling confident that we're coming to the end of
the process. I, at least, am feeling in principle in agreement with
where this is at.

I'll follow up with any comments I may have as I'm able to read through
the draft.

Peter Constable

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