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John Cowan cowan at
Mon Apr 12 18:05:00 CEST 2004

Doug Ewell scripsit:

> Thanks also for pointing out, by way of example, that "es-419" is the
> correct equivalent of the often-discussed "es-americas" code, and not
> "es-019" as someone once suggested.  Software vendors and others who are
> trying to capture the notion of "Spanish as spoken in the Americas," as
> opposed to Spain, are still probably thinking of "Spanish-speaking
> countries" and not the United States or points northward.

The more fools they.  Reuters would certainly want a code that covered
es-us, which represents an important market.

But luckily the whole idea of 3066bis (assuming we can get it past the
Piranha brothers, Harry and Mike :-)) is that it will be highly productive;
people who code documents will be able to make the distinctions they
wish to make.

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