W3C Objects To Royalties On ISO Country Codes

Jony Rosenne rosennej at qsm.co.il
Sun Sep 21 23:41:13 CEST 2003

Much of the ISO work is done in national bodies by volunteers such as
myself. I don't recall ever being asked to assign any IPRs to the NB or to
ISO. All I my original work in this area has been put by me in the public
domain free of any constraint, by being posted to lists such as these.

My own contributions are not significant, my purpose is to point out that
the ISO claims are absurd and probably invalid.


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> At 11:15 -0500 2003-09-21, Robin Cover wrote:
> >"Standards Organizations Express Concern
> >About Royalty Fees for ISO Codes"
> >
> >http://xml.coverpages.org/ni2003-09-20-a.html
> And he quotes the ISO Commercial Policy Steering Group:
> "The ISO community should also be compensated for providing the 
> intellectual property required to incorporate the value-added 
> features into the product."
> Golly, does that mean they'll pay people like me if they get 
> royalties from people using ISO/IEC 10646?
> Heh. Of course not.
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