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>Name of requester          : Han Steenwijk
>E-mail address of requester: han.steenwijk at
>Tag to be registered       : sl-rozaj
>English name of language   : Resian, Resianic, Rezijan 
>Native name of language (transcribed into ASCII):
>Resian names: rozajanski, rozojanski (adjectives); r-ski jazek, r-ski langac,
>r-ske rumuninje (nominal phrases).
>Slovene names: rezijanski, rozeanski (adjectives); rezijanski dialekt, r-sko
>narecje, rezijanscina, rozeanski romon (nominal phrases).
>References to published description of the language (book or article):
>Baudouin de Courtenay, Jan. Opyt fonetiki rez'janskich govorov. Varsava -
>Peterburg: Vende i. Ko. - Kozancikov, 1875.
>Chinese, Sergio. Rosajanske - laske bysidnjak/Repertorio lessicale italiano -
>resiano. Udine: Marioni, 2003.
>Logar, Tine. "Rezijansko narecje". Enciklopedija Slovenije Volume 
>10. Ljubljana:
>Mladinska knjiga, 1996. pp. 194-195.
>Ramovs, Fran. "Karakteristika slovenskega narecja v Reziji". Casopis za
>slovenski jezik, knjizevnost in zgodovino 7, 1928. pp. 107-121.
>Steenwijk, Han. The Slovene Dialect of Resia: San Giorgio (= Studies in Slavic
>and General Linguistics Volume 18), Amsterdam - Atlanta, GA: Rodopi, 1992.
>Any other relevant information:
>Resian is a Slovene dialect spoken by about 1025 persons in the 
>Resia and Uccea
>valleys (Udine province, Italy), and by an unknown number of emigrants living
>scattered through Europe. In written texts the Latin script is used, 
>but authors
>avail themselves of widely varying orthographies and sets of characters. The
>oldest such text dates from the 18th century. The spoken language shows
>considerable geographical variation.
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