sl-rozaj: language-dialect-subdialect strings

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Mon Oct 20 13:59:02 CEST 2003

> John Clews <scripts2 at> scripsit:
> > Let's also remember the possible move towards having Resian as a
> > language in ISO 639-3, also discussed by the group.
> > 
> > In terms of the overall format, if that enables a simple tag like
> > "res" rather than
> > "sl-rozaj" it will also make for much simpler subtags like
> > "res-bisk..." rather than the more cumbersome
> > "sl-rozaj-bisk..."

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han.steenwijk at replied:

> Do you mean that it is better to wait with any further requests for
> subtags after the decision to add Resian to ISO 639-3 has been taken?

Yes, that's what I think, quite strongly.

> If so, is there any indication how long the process may take,
> assuming Resian will be included in the Ethnologue list?

It could be quite quick if they are finalising the next edition of
Ethnologue - get your skates on!

The information you passed to this email list would sound fairly
convincing to the editors at SIL as well, I would guess.

> "RES" is already being used by Ethnologue.

I suspected as much - but I'm sure that there must be one appropriate
TLC (three-letter-code) available, and I imaginne the editors at SIL
wouldn't be adverse to you suggesting a specific available TLC.

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